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13 Effective Bathroom Organizers You Can Find On Amazon


The bathroom can be quite a messy place. Toothbrush here, a random comb there, razors and cosmetics everywhere. Seems familiar? Although it usually doesn’t take that much effort to tidy it up, it does take some hardware to keep everything organized and save yourself some time and headache. And since you can order everything nowadays with a single click, here are some excellent bathroom organizers you can get online. These are all simple and effective items that will save you space and time and make you feel calmer when you walk into the bathroom.

The list was created by Art Lovers, and all items are available on Amazon.

1. Toothpaste squeezer kit


Say goodbye to toothpaste spills in the sink, forever! This dispenser, which, by the way, costs $9, offers a hands-free, one-touch solution to this daily task. And, one important thing, it will keep the tube off of your sink counter, too. Utopia!

2. The wooden magnet


Using a magnetic strip to keep your bobby pins organized is not something you haven’t heard before, but it doesn’t look too well. So here is a pretty alternative instead. This version ($13, amazon.com) has a bamboo casing, which will add a stylish touch to your wall.

3. This power perch

Instead of leaving your electric razor or toothbrush sitting on the counter, waiting for it to fall, use this shelf instead. It costs $11 and there is bonus vertical storage for tight spaces.

4. Cloud toilet paper holder

Because, of course, your extra toilet paper has to go somewhere. So why not mount it on your wall in the shape of a fluffy cloud? This organizer costs $125 and it will fill your heart with warmth.

5. Double-duty mirror

This unique mirror, which costs $182, features hidden storage on the other side. Finally, you can store every single item and t will be hidden!

6. Hot tool holder

If you switch up your hair depending on your mood, then you need this organizer, which is $30. Everything handy!

7. Cosmetic organizer

These cubbies, costing $10, will save all the mess and keep your brushes organized. Far away from the counter, too!

8. Kids-friendly toothbrush holder


They will never mix their toothbrushes again! This color-coded organizer, costing $16, will prevent mix-ups from even happening.

9. Hanging ladder


Ladder shelves are really trendy nowadays and if your floor isn’t ready, put it up like a shelf. This hanging version will cost you $26 and even offers a towel rack on the bottom. Yay!

10. Swing towel holder


Nw everyone will have their personal space.  This towel rack costs $20, and it’ll save you major wall space, too.

11. Three-in-one organizer


You can use it as a blow dryer caddy or a toothbrush holder. How about something else? This multi-functional wall-mounted organizer costs $26 and it will fit anything.

12. Free-standing bath toy organizer


You are finally saved! This $24,99 organizer will act as a scooper to gather all of your kid’s toys seamlessly. And the removal drying rack makes sure everything can air-dry perfectly! Just what you really need!

13. Bathtub clinger


Instead of leaving your loofah sitting in the water, use this silicone pocket, and buy it for $15. It’s also heat- resistant, so you can use it on your counter for your blow dryer or straightener, too.

Source : housebeautiful.com

If you feel like doing something yourself, here are some interesting DIY bathroom hacks.

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