Effortless DIY Sexy Wavy Hairstyle As Done By Ali Andrea

Effortless DIY Sexy Wavy Hairstyle As Done By Ali Andrea

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Bucharest-born makeup DIY extraordinaire Ali Andrea has worked with makeup for more than 13 years and wants to share her knowledge with you!

She is usually making either hairstyles or makeup tutorials.

In this one, she shows how to do a wavy hairstyle, very easily!

Part your hair in sections. First off, we are going to start with the section at the very bottom, the one closest to your neck.

Blow dry your previously washed hair with a brush. It doesn’t have to be very straight. After all, you are not a professional hairstylist. Just make sure to make it as straight as possible.

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Make sure that you leave your roots with a bit more volume, which means do not overdry near the roots.

Once you are done with hairdrying, you hair will look pretty straight.

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Then, we will proceed towards making the waves. We are going to do that using a hair curler.

diy 3Section your hair once more. Start with the bottom section. We are going to work with little strands of hair, one at a time.

Take your curling iron, and twist the strand around it, making sure that you do it from the outer side of the strand.

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As you release the strand, glide it down the iron in a rolling motion. As you are coming to the end, just gently release the strand.

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Watch the video to make sure you understand the motion.

After we are done curling, we are going to use a texturizing hair spray to fixate and set the curls well.

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Put one of the sides behind your ear and leave the other one sort of falling over your eye. It will provide for a much needed sexy finish!

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Source:Ali Andreea

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