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20 Photos Of Elderly Couples Reminding Us That Love Doesn’t Age


Love is the one indestructible element of our existences which truly makes the world go round. The best thing about it? Love never gets old. No matter your age, it has the power to keep you young if you want it to, like a true elixir of youth. This collection of photographs shows twenty enamored couples who realized that there’s no need to look for Nicolas Flamel’s Elixir of Life – they have discovered it in one another already.

1. Love on the dance floor

Love On The Dance Floor

Source: Imgur / ChemistryDoc

2. Like a fine wine, it only gets better with age

Like A Fine Wine, It Only Gets Better With Age

Source: Imgur / Radioredhead

3. No matter how old you are, you’ll always be cool when you’re with the one you love!

No Matter Your Age, You’ll Always Be Cool With The One You Love!

Source: Reddit / Hollyhutch92

4. Let’s go dancing, dancing in the street

Let’s Go Dancing, Dancing In The Street

Source: Instagram / BronyJones

5. Cruising around at the speed of sound: “Hey love, would you like to cruise around with my sweet ride?”

Cruising Around At The Speed Of Sound

Source: Reddit / Vichuu

6. Love is all about lending a helping hand

Love Is All About Helping Each Other Through Life

Source: Twitter / Amy Pennington

7. It’s never too late to get married, even at 100 years old like this couple

Love Never Fades, Get Married Even At 100 years Old!

Source: BGDailyNews

8. This calls out for a celebration: no need to pop champaign, or to be in a huge crowd, though. A sweet ride, good music, and a couple of beers will do just fine

Let’s Celebrate This In A Craaaazy Way!

Source: Reddit / qwest27

9. You’re never too old to play a prank: boys will be boys will always ring true, no matter the age

Never Too Old To Play A Prank

Source: Reddit / Terex232

10. Who cares about a stupid car when you have a lady like this one?

Always Remaining Cool, Even In A Bad Situation

Source: Reddit / JM2845

11. Never too old to learn something new – this couple loves to discover new things together

Never Too Old To Learn Something New

Source: Reddit / PouringWaffles

12. Matching t-shirts have never been cooler

Follow Instructions!

Source: Reddit / EternityInSpace

13. Be sweet to each other like no one is watching

Be Sweet Like No One Is Watching

Source: Reddit / leenyk

14. Waking up together with someone is one of the most intimate things you can do with another person

“I Will Never Leave You”

Source: BoredPanda

15. They’ve been together longer than most of us have been living

They’ve Been Together Longer Than You’ve Been Born!

Source: BoredPanda

16. Even though you may look old on the outside, the inside of you knows the truth

Teenagers At Heart

Source: Reddit / RetardedCoati

17. True rebels with a “don’t care” attitude

True Rebels

18. What’s an emoji? After 65 years of marriage, we still use our faces

What’s An Emoji? We Have Our Faces

Source: Reddit / Kozmi

19. It’s never too late for true love – they got married at 72 years of age!

True Love Never Ends

Source: QcTimes

20. Nothing is too heavy  when you share the weight of the world

Sharing The Weight Of The World

Source: NadaImportante
From: superrank

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