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Elegant Nails For Cold Weather By The Nails Queen

Nails Queen

Camila Rojas is not a Nails Queen just because of her skills when it comes to nail art. She’s a true Queen because she comes up with what her followers need.

Nails Queen 1

This design was specifically tailored to the needs of her channel’s subscribers. It is a very elegant and captivating, and perfect for fall and winter.

Nails Queen 5

As usual, Camila has mixed up her own shade for the tutorial using red, black, purple and brown. The result is a beautiful burgundy/plum color that you are going to love.

Nails Queen 2

For the index fingers, the Queen uses some Glam and Glits from the Diamond Collection; as usual, she does a great job of combining shades of monochromatic color with different types of glitzy decoration.

Nails Queen 6

Check out the video to find out how Camila comes up with the pattern for the ring fingers. It is the most time-consuming part of the routine, but by no means complex – and the final result makes it definitely worth it.

Source:The Nails Queen

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