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What Elvis Would Look Like If He Were Alive Today

Elvis Presley

Do you believe it’s impossible to know your appearance in forty, maybe fifty years from now? Would you like to see yourself in old age if it weren’t? When it comes to PhoJoe.com, nothing seems impossible. They specialize in restoring any kind of damages to photos, and also in manipulating them. And besides using them to play with our own appearance, we can use them for celebrities too. Because, who DOESN’T want to see how Marylin, Elvis or Sharon Tate would look like, if they were still with us today?

If you are a fan of Elvis and you still haven’t seen his age progression photo, now is your chance!

Even though there are many examples of such photos on the website, his is the one that stands out. It is because of the silver gray locks that he is thought to resemble Johnny Cash, his fellow singer to whom he was compared throughout his life.

elvis 1

Elvis, full name Elvis Aaron Presley, is an American singer born in Tupelo, Mississippi in 1935. However, it was only after he moved to Memphis, Tennessee with his family that his career as a singer started to flourish. But that’s not all that he was famous for! He even starred in some Hollywood films, first of which was ‘Love me Tender’ in 1956.

During the two years serving in the military, Elvis was introduced and indulged in amphetamines, which are believed to have had a role in his death. In 1977, the news of Elvis’ death came as a shock to the public, in spite of the fact that he had a deteriorating health for almost a decade. That year, we lost one of the world’s greatest souls, at the age of 42.

elvis 2

PhoJoe allows us to see what the famous singer would have looked like if he has lived for another 40 years. However, there are advances in medicine and different kinds of plastic surgeries available. Maybe Elvis would have looked younger that PhoJoe makes him out to be because of that.

elvis 3

We’ve lost celebrities all around the world in 2016. So it should be suitable to pay tribute to a great star that lost his life at an early age. Yet it’s unusual to see Elvis like this.

elvis 4


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