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16 Embarrassing Bridesmaids Dresses That Will Make You Proud Of What You’ve Worn


Even though the wedding is arguably the most important part of anyone’s life, there are a ton of preparations that need to be done before it happens. One of them is deciding what the bridesmaids will wear and what will they look like. And whether you should torture your friends with this at all.

These dresses that bridesmaids have worn will make every single dress you’ve ever worn, embarrassing or not, seem fine.

Here are some of the worst examples.

1. How to host a wedding in the winter and be fine

This must have been an absolutely stunning winter wedding.

Source: AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com

2. Like, the dresses aren’t bad, but…

…why Converse sneakers?

These bridesmaid dresses are giving off total high school prom meets the sports field vibes.

Source: OneWed

3. You could quite easily miss the bride in this rainbow

I almost didn't see the bride amid this array of pastel beauties.

Source: OneWed

4. The girl in the middle’s lipstick gets to me

The colors on all of them bother me more.

Neon and crinoline are always a showstopping combination.

Source: OneWed

5. They’re all wearing different long-sleeved dresses

These lucky bridesmaids all got to wear a different long-sleeved dress!

Source: The Knot

6. The ’70s look like they were tons of fun to live in

The '70s must have been a really great time to be alive.

Source: Tacky Weddings

7. This bride wanted her ‘maids to stand out

This bride clearly wanted her bridesmaids (and flower girls) to stand out as well.

Source: OneWed

8. This wedding looks like it was done on Canada Day

Please tell me that this wedding went down in Canada on Canada Day.

Source: Tacky Weddings

9. Proud in pink

The groom is trying to make the situation seem better than it is though, and that’s appreciated of him.

If bridesmaid dresses were ever tacky, it definitely wouldn't be these ones!

Source: OneWed

10. Look, they all match up with the decoration on the wall!

 Nothing could stop this bride from matching absolutely everything she could.

Source: AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com | Pritta.us

11. This is all just sending the wrong message…

Something about these bridesmaid dresses makes me wish I could've attended this wedding.

Source: Weddingbee

12. This bride clearly loved all her bridesmaids

This bride obviously loved her bridesmaids so much.

Source: Young Blooms Florists

13. Such a traditional looking bride

Really surprising that she went for such insane outfits for her bridesmaids. They look like rejects from the Ha Ha Hairies.

For such a traditional, conservative bride, she really went wild with the selection of her bridesmaid dresses.

Source: LiveJournal

14. Easter and wedding at the same time?

That’s what it seems like to me.

I'm fairly certain this wedding took place on Easter.

Source: Bride.net

15. Another fan of floral patterns

This bride was a fan of floral patterns and chaos.

Source: Dresses Trend

16. These were all seemingly inspired by Bo Peep!

And last but not least, these Little Bo Peep-inspired numbers.

Source: Team Jimmy Joe
From: diply

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