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You Wouldn’t Want To Be Seen With These Embarassing Family Members


I love my family, and I’m gonna guess you do too. They’re fun to be around, they provide support and love, and they’re there when no one else is.

But then there are those select few family members that you still love, but you do not want to be seen with under any circumstances. They’re embarassing, strange or maybe even they cuddle and kiss you too much in public.

Here are 20 really embarrassing family members that you certainly wouldn’t wanna be seen with.

1. This dad shows up to his daughter’s volleyball games like this

I can imagine how much she gets bullied.

You Wouldn't Want To Be Seen With These Embarassing Family Members 1

Source: Reddit | purplesock92

2. Typical mom trying to be cool phase

You Wouldn't Want To Be Seen With These Embarassing Family Members 2

Source: Instagram | @matayagfb

3. This shows a good sense of humor, or depending on your perspective…

…a dirty mind.


Source: Reddit | [deleted]

4. This dad recreated his daughter’s mirror selfie with her boyfriend

On point!


Source: Imgur | mittiecmiller

5. This mom that wore swim goggles while cutting onions so that she wouldn’t cry

Although this isn’t really embarrassing, it’s damn ingenious!


Source: Reddit | endofthenightmare

6. This is embarrassing dad starter pack right here


Source: Reddit | DAV3Y

7. And another parent selfie remake

Even more authentic!


Source: Reddit | perianderson

8. Dad ruined the prom photo

This certainly won’t be going on Instagram…


Source: Reddit | tita75

9. This is what happens when you ask your dad to get you something from McDonald’s


Source: Reddit | FromFlorida

10. Just imagine Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother saying “Nailed it!”


Source: Reddit | keesh75

11. Costume dad

Apparently, this dad dresses up in costumes like this and waits with his son near the school bus stop for all his friends to see. I doubt he has any friends left…


Source: Imgur | PostPerfectThings

12. A Snapchat sent by a mom to her son

A mom with no chill.


Source: Twitter | @kevinillest

13. Everyone is hiding but the dad is having the last laugh


Source: Imgur | BluenoseGeo

14. You want some tit, monkey?

(he probably doesn’t)


Source: Imgur | sureasyourebornyourenevergoingtoseenounicorn

15. Making perfect use of your siblings, right?


Source: Imgur | flaversham

16. Snapchat filter IRL


Source: Reddit | DPooly1996

17. This dad is letting the word be known

He painted the house but left a small area just so everyone knows what his son is.


Source: Imgur | sasha311

18. Moms recreated their sons’ baseball game selfie


Source: Reddit | satanscomedian

19. Just making sure he gets promoted

That’s how it works, right?


Source: Twitter | @millselle

20. Selfie recreation by dad

I would say so.


Source: Instagram | @therealburrmartin

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