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12 Embarrassing “Welcome Home” Signs At The Airport


Travelling is amazing. Meeting new people, seeing new places, learning about new cultures. But every trip is filled with so many emotions. You are equal parts excited and scared, happy and sad, impatient to get going, but also to come back. One place where all these emotions come together for thousands of people is the airport.

Airports have witnessed more genuine feelings than most other places. The anguish of saying a tearful goodbye to a loved one, or the euphoria of seeing someone again after a long time, or even the anxiety of arriving in a new place for the first time, aiports have seen it all.

One other thing you can find at an airport are chauffeurs holding up a sign with the name of the person they’re waiting for. These have been an inspiration for a lot of people who have made their own custom “welcome home” signs. With their silly costumes, they certainly make a show out of picking someone up. In some small part this might be embarrassing, but mostly, it’s awesome.

Let’s take a look at this list, provided by VT, of twelve people who got a very unexpected greeting at the airport.

1. Picked up by the Men in Black. Cool or scary?


2. When you find an army of Stormtroopers waiting for you…


…but it’s cool, because you’re Darth Vader.


3. Welcome from mom home prison?


4. This appears to be some sort of cypher


5. Ha ha, very punny


6. That suit is very… hmm… festive?


7. He’s been dying to wear that costume


8. You know you’re best friends with someone when it’s completely fine if you welcome them home with a sign like this


9. Trolling people arriving to Seattle


10. No, sadly, it wasn’t that Michael Jordan.


11. TMI


12. Yup, that’s a great way to break up with someone…


Source: vt

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