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Conspiracy Theorists Think That Eminem Has Been Dead For 12 Years

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The internet is home to many things. Memes, cat videos, memes about Turkish chefs sprinkling salt on a steak, the whole nine. But, it’s also full of ridiculous fan fiction, theories and conspiracy theories. There’s a huge new conspiracy theory going around that has managed to slip under the radar for decades, and it’s this:

Has Eminem actually been dead for years?

Eminem Dead 12 Years 1

Yes really.

The theory suggests that Eminem died 13 years ago in rehab, after a stint turned into a death sentence.

The 44-year-old rapper went into rehab in 2005 to cut back on his sleeping pill addiction, and the following year, on April 11, his buddy, rapper Proof died.

A lot of conspiracy theorists believe that the rehab and the death of DeShaun Holton were enough to send Eminem spiraling towards suicide.

Eminem Dead 12 Years 2

And then, the theorists took their conspiracy to the next level (of complete and utter ridiculousness) by saying that Eminem’s differences in his face over the years meant that he was replaced with an imposter or… an Android. Yes.


Even though the YouTube channel that made all these claims was eventually shut down (YouTube did a good thing for once? Who knew?), it hasn’t stopped the theorist who ran the channel’s claims to spread like wildfire. It is the internet after all.

This video, for example, draws around Eminem’s nostrils using a Facebook photo editing tool (pizap) to show that he’s still alive.

Next time you think you’ve found a dead body, pull out a pen and draw around their nostrils. Maybe they’re still alive, who knows.

The real reason why Eminem looks so different is obviously none of these above. It’s just a combination of ageing, weight loss and some plastic surgery.

But, that wouldn’t be as fun to speculate about, now would it?

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