There Is A Secret Message In Eminem’s Song “My Name Is”

A lot of die-hard Eminem fans probably know this, but to many others, it might just come as a surprise. Actually, there’s a clever message hidden in the rapper’s song My Name Is.

When he released the song back in 1999, a lot of people were not aware of the secret message that was built into the song.

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The lyrics of the hit songs go something along the way: ‘Hi! My name is… (what?) My name is… (who?) My name is… {scratches} Slim Shady. Hi! My name is… (huh?) My name is… (what?) My name is… {scratches} Slim Shady.’

But when you play the song backwards, what you hear is: “It is Slim. It’s Eminem, it’s Eminem, it’s Eminem.”

Mind blown.

Most of us know that the 45-year-old is a lyrical genius but there are a lot of other interesting facts about him. One user on Imgur has put together a lot of interesting facts about the Grammy Award singer.


This song is about Eminem’s attempts to calm a violent community of rappers.


No comment needed here.


Eminem and Rihanna collaborated on the song Love The Way You Lie


A lot of fans probably are not aware of this fact.


Coming from The Rocketman himself.


He is definitely a complex character.


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No wonder the man is a genius.

However, the most fun fact about him is that people think the rapper is an imposter or a cyborg.


Here is a video that has almost half a milion views on Youtube claiming that Eminem is cloned? Huh?

According to the video’s description, it’s not just Eminem who has been cloned or replaced: “We will note that numerous celebrities have been replaced – whether by surgically modified impostors or by cloned doubles’ remains to be ascertained on a case-by-case basis – usually after a removal from public view for several months prior to reappearing as having been through psychological hell, severe physical trauma, psychological transformation therapy or any number of other cover stories to justify that they seem to have changed significantly enough that people cannot fail to notice.

“This way the explanation for such noted changes is given pre-emptively. Drug, alcohol and sex addiction and rehab being those used most recently, possibly to derive an additional value of role model suggestions to legitimise such moral decadence among their fans, thus undermining balanced traditional family values in society.”

Right. Here is how Slim Shady looked *pre-cloning*…

Eninem In London

He looks pretty real wound’t you say..


Hello there..


In all of his glory

Eminem Concert London

Now let’s look at the rapper *post-cloning*…

Southpaw Premiere - New York

Looks to me like he has aged and lost some weight, but alright..

Muhammad Ali-Rap Love

However, nothing will change the mind of some people who are hard believers in the cloning theories.

YouTube user, Spiritual Coaching 4 life After life wrote: “So I was watching a playlist of Eminem’s videos and in his more recent ones with the dark hair I noticed that he doesn’t look the same at all and that his eyes (which is the key to your soul) are no longer blue… So I then start a search to find out why his eyes are now brown and I’ve come across everything from contacts to conspiracy and then I find this video…. This is just downright terrifying!!!”

Whereas Azrael Skylyn said: “I gotta say, I have noticed the past couple years that Eminem looked different than what I remember from when I was in my teens, but I just chalked it up to the fact that people change. But that picture comparison @7:00 is insanely different from one another, the ears especially are a totally different shape. And I have never heard of anybody getting total ear surgery to have completely different ears. In fact the newer Eminem pic in that comparison looks a lot like synthetic skin, or prosthetics, or just a different person who is a lookalike. The eyes are very different, too. So weird. I’m still on the fence about this though.”

Bren, a guy who is a former barber wrote:  “It’s not the real Em. As a former barber I’ll point out the impossible. The three pics at mark 1:27-1:34 show two different hair patterns on the left side of his head. The real Em’s hair pattern grows forward at top side, then gradually slants downward, still leaning forward all the way to the edge.

“The new guy’s hair grows forward at the top, then grows backwards at the side edge and then slants down. When hair is that short, nobody on this earth can change your hair growth pattern. It’s like a fuzzy finger print… the real Em’s hairline grows down closer on his forehead and temple area. Yet the other guy’s hairline sits further back on his forehead and temple. IT’S A WRAP!”

Those are some good arguments. Case closed.

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