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Brace Yourselves: Emma Stone And Jonah Hill Are Coming To Netflix!


Are you excited? Because we are. Netflix is treating us to a dark comedy with THREE Oscar nominees – Emma Stone, Jonah Hill and Cary Fukunaga in the director’s seat. You know (and love) the first two, and you’ve seen the director’s work if you’ve seen ‘Beasts of No Nation’, the first season of ‘True Detective’ and 2011’s Jane Eyre.

It’s going to be in all 10 episodes. The story is about two patients in a mental hospital that live inside their own fantasies. It’s the first time Hill and Stone have worked together since 2007’s ‘Superbad’.

By the way, the name of the series?


I just can’t wait. Something tells me that Emma’s humor (which is sharp as a blade, despite her young age of 28 and Jonah’s too will make for a very layered, very good comedy.

Jonah 1

It starts shooting in New York City, from August 15th and will end in November. Well, now it seems like such a long time to wait for this!

It will give us plenty of time to catch up on everything we’ve missed that has Emma and Jonah in it. Or go through Fukunaga’s work to see what we can expect.

And, we’ll also enjoy the appearance of Emma on February 26, because that’s when the Oscars are, and she’s been nominated for Best Actress in ‘La La Land’.

What an exciting year awaits!

Source: refinery29

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