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Emotional Photo Series Reveals People’s Real Jobs Compared To Their Childhood Dreams


When we were young we had different dreams about becoming the grown-ups. We had crazy, unimaginable and wild dreams about our professions. But people would often look at us like we are crazy and would immediately stop that “hallucination”, saying that we would hardly become what we dreamed of as children. Instead, we get jobs that are the most prosperous, the most available, the closest, or the easiest. Rarely do people achieve their childhood dreams.

One Mumbai-based student was inspired by this idea when her mother often told her that it is unlikely to fulfill your childhood dream profession.  Deeksha Rathore started a project named “Dreamcatcher”, which is a photo series od 12 diptychs. These tell the story of people’s present careers and their childhood dream jobs. Deeksha wrote on her Instagram profile: “One seldom ends up following the path they thought they would, and that’s alright.” So, she decided to use the best of her abilities to picture that in her work. She started asking people what they wanted to be when they were kids.  Seldom did anyone have the same dream and current profession. Her project was for her photography class and the concept is incredibly simple yet effective.

She juxtaposed pictures of people in their current profession with pictures of them representing their childhood dream profession.

1. The House Help Vs. The Bharatanatyam Dancer


2. The Mithai Maker Vs. The Fashion Designer


3. The Air Hostess Vs. The Dj


4. The Jeweller Vs. The Air Hostess


5. The Mochi Vs. The Policeman


6. The Doctor Vs. The Cricketer


7. The Paan Seller Vs. The Security Guard


8. The Bartender Vs. The Corporate Employee


9. The Juice Wala Vs. The Army Officer


10. The Salesman Vs. The Professional Carrom Player


11. The Vegetable Seller Vs. The Cook


12. The Rickshaw Driver Vs. The Artist



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