Emotions Overwhelm A Groom Sees His Bride Walking Down The Aisle

Emotions Overwhelm A Groom As He Sees His Bride Walking Down The Aisle


Weddings are most certainly places where everything’s at stake and emotions are tenfold and overwhelming. Thinking about it, it is the day when you give your soul and body to another person and you put your life in their hands. Your partner sees the potential in you and exalts you to utmost heights, with love and trust.  Even though love being an abstract thing, it is readily felt through pillars that take years to build. Trust, friendship, and intimacy are some of them.
One must never forget to work on these qualities since marriage as a whole requires work and stubborn dedication. This candid video of Will and Lindsey Ceaser in just 30 seconds portrays a palette of emotions of a deeply-rooted love. Will is frozen in the moment, waiting at the alter as Lindsey is walking towards him. Looking at his future wife, he starts to cry.
I would assume images of memories are playing out in his head as he sees her in her white, delicate gown.
The day he first shook her hand, the way she looked the first time he took her out, the moment he saw her lips forming to tell him she loves him, the second his heart skipped a beat.
Maybe he is thinking of the house they will build together, the day they will see their babies on ultrasound, the birthmarks she has on her back that his kids will inherit, them meeting their first pet.
I am pretty sure that he is also aware that this woman is going to hold him tight, hand in hand while taking strolls in the park. They will spend their lives together. Her wrinkled hand is going to touch his face, looking into his old eyes, knowing they built a heaven on Earth together. For their children and for themselves.  Whatever this man was thinking, it opens up the floodgates. Will starts crying.

His friend puts his arm on his shoulder as if to tell him that everything is going to be alright. Because it will. He is marrying the love of his life. He is marrying the one!


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