Could This English-Speaking Homeless Girl Could Be Madeleine McCann?



If Madeleine McCann is alive today, she would be in her teens. A homeless girl was seen in Rome, roaming the streets and drew attention because she was so polite and couldn’t speak Italian. She wouldn’t accept money and she only answered questions in English.

Internet campaigners have concluded that she looks like several missing girls. She looks like Amanda Adlai, abducted in Michigan in 2008 and Maria-Brigitte Henselmann from Germany who was lost the same year. She also bears the most resemblance to Madeleine McCann who vanished in 2007.


After the police tried to identify her, it was discovered she had no ID and no passport. And the locals said she responds to the name Maria. However, the Italian police claims she’s been given several names.

She was wearing the same clothes for weeks.

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