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Epic Beyoncé-Inspired Seven-Minute Long Wedding Dance


Melissa Molinaro’s husband is one lucky guy! At her October 2016 wedding to Bryan Kowalski, the Canadian singer, actress and model together with her bridesmaids gave a dance performance for the ages.

The 34-year-old whose real name is Melissa Ann Smith did an epic, Beyoncé-inspired, seven-minute long choreographed dance with her girlfriends in front of her husband who was watching seated on a solitary chair in the middle of the dancing floor.

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The dance video soon went viral and has since been seen more than 7,1 million times.

“If you ask my husband, he’ll tell you one of his favorite things is to watch me perform. I knew for that moment I had to give him the performance of a lifetime,” Molinaro told USA Today, adding that she had spent almost five months preparing the routine with her friends and a professional choreographer.

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The Canadian is also widely known for her uncanny resemblance to Kim Kardashian, with the reality TV star even threatening to sue Old Navy, fearing that the clothing company’s commercial featuring Molinaro might be mistakenly attributed to her.

Back in 2013, Molinaro also got into fashion design, starting her own ready-to-wear clothing brand MAE, named after her late grandmother Mae Smith.

Check out her epic wedding dance in the video.

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