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Escalator’s Emergency Stop Button Saves Woman’s Life


In this terrifying video, a woman was saved from getting injured by an escalator thanks to the escalator’s emergency stop button.

It just makes you appreciate modern safety standards a whole lot more, especially the stop button.

Escalator Stop Button 1

The escalator was invented in 1892, and since then, the design hasn’t changed much. The disappearing steps and the landing platform make it prone to accidents. Recently, there was an accident that involved a child who got his toe ripped off when he was wearing Crocs, by an escalator in Singapore.

If that teaches you one thing, it’s that you shouldn’t wear Crocs while on an escalator… or just don’t wear them at all.

Escalator Stop Button 2

David Cooper, an escalator and elevator consultant commented in a trade publication: “This is alarming given that many people within the industry have failed to realize that this is a major problem.” (elevator accidents, not Crocs!)

In this terrifying clip, the woman whose identity is unknown, steps onto the escalator and her jacket gets snagged under the railing. As she begins to go up, her arm is pulled back and she starts falling. The sleeve unhooks itself but it’s too late because the lady loses balance and tumbles down while the still moving escalator.


God bless the emergency stop button

Just as she’s about to be severely injured by landing on her face, the escalator stops and she’s able to remain in a seated position. Then the first aid teams and other bystanders help her down the remainder of the escalator.

The worst part about these types of accidents is that if the victim decides to sue the company, they can rule it out as horseplay or alcoholism.

Awareness about these kinds of incidents should be an incentive to make you more careful while riding escalators. Read and follow the safety tips and warnings on the escalator. Take the necessary safety measures to ensure that accidents like this don’t happen to you. Be careful out there, friends.

Source:Instagram, providr

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