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Eleven Manners Most Of Us Don’t Have But Perhaps Should


The world is changing so rapidly that sometimes, when we read about etiquette today, its rules sound like something out of a XIX century Russian novel. However, some manners and timeless and worth preserving no matter what.

The fluidity of the world we live in, the postmodernist nature of most of our society, make for an unprecedented blend of influences – both geographic and social. This has resulted in much of the official nature of human interaction characteristic for past decades to be rendered unnecessary.

Still, not all of the etiquette from the past is obsolete. Many of its rules are small quirky ways of making one’s life and social interactions easier. We are bringing you a selection of eleven interesting manners you might not have known even existed. As well as being a little lesson in trivia and history, you might find some that are actually applicable and worth preserving.

1. Clapping incorrectly

If you’re clapping in front of your face, you shouldn’t. Instead, clap in front of your chest, slightly to the left.



2. Climbing into the car wrong

Sit down first, before swinging your legs in. This prevents a myriad of problems, such as flashing your friends and hitting your head.



3. Using butter straight from the dish

It would be correct and sensible take some butter and put it on a plate before buttering your bread. It not only is more polite, it is much more hygienic too!



4. Pointing with a finger

You may use your hands to point something out but bear in mind always to do a gesture with an open hand.


Source: Express Monorail

5. Coughing into your right hand

The idea is to keep your “social hand”, the one you use to shake hands and wave, clean.


Source: Iko Boy

6. Returning dishes empty

If someone loans you a dish, make sure you return it with some sort of treat inside. Even if you don’t have time to bake a casserole, make sure you at least put some cookies inside.


Source: The Oreo Experience

7. Drinking during a toast

If you’re being toasted, don’t drink. Return the toast with a thank-you toast, instead.


Source: The Huffington Post

8. Passing the salt without its mate

Salt and pepper should always go together.



9. Not making eye contact during a toast

When toasting, it’s polite to hold eye contact and it’s considered rude if you aren’t.


Source: Giphy

10. Wearing a handbag on your right shoulder

Again, this is about keeping your social hand free. Carry your purse, drink, etc. in your left hand to keep your right one unhindered.



11. Congratulating the bride.

According to etiquette standards, one should only congratulate the groom for landing the bride. To congratulate the bride is considered an insinuation that she did not have her choice of suitors. It’s better to say “best wishes” to her and save the congrats for the groom.


Source: The Sun

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