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Ettiquete Expert Blasts Pippa Middleton’s Wedding As ‘Distasteful’

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Pippa Middleton’s wedding to hedge fund manager and former professional racer James Matthews last week might have been the news of the day globally, but etiquette expert William Hanson has deemed the ceremony “distasteful”.

Deemed ‘the UK’s freshest and most trusted authority on etiquette and protocol’, Hanson sees expenses such as a $130,000 crystal palace as a poor attempt by the 33-year-old socialite to emulate the 2011 wedding of her sister.


William Hanson is considered one of the leading etiquette experts and coaches in the United Kingdom


The costs for the wedding include a $13,000 bridal dress and $90,000 for catering


It has been reported guest were asked by their hosts to have a change of clothes for the second part of the reception


“Pippa, you will never match the scale and sophistication that your sister had several years ago,” the 27-year-old etiquette and protocol expert, who has worked for numerous VIPs and dignitaries,¬†claimed.

Hanson, who also works as an advisor in America and Asia, as well as cooperating with many private households, embassies and high commissions, businesses, cultural organizations and schools, has been asked to outline his ideal wedding for the public. Here is what he came up with.

William Hanson’s Ideal Wedding Day

Ideally morning dress for the guests (alternatively lounge suits)
30-40 guests
11 am: a 45-minute ceremony.
12 pm: drinks reception at the reception venue (ideally the parents’ house lawn)
1.30pm: the wedding breakfast (a sit-down meal consisting of three courses)
Several five-minute speeches, followed by relevant toasts
Cutting of the cake
Tea and coffee served
NO dancing or disco
Bride and groom ‘go away’
Guests leave shortly afterward
Everyone back in their own houses by 9 pm at the latest


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