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12 Etiquette Rules That You All Should Take On Board

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It seems that these days, everyone thinks that girls judge someone by their money, their possessions and their washboard abs. The truth is still that most girls always appreciates a well-mannered dude. And it’s not just about relationships, everyone appreciates a nice person, with good behavior and good manners.

If you want to improve your first impression on someone and improve how you act with other people, then here are some etiquette rules that you should read.

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1. Don’t stare at people, and don’t talk or laugh loudly.

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2. Regardless of how old you are, your status or what you do for a living, you should greet everyone when you enter a room.

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3. If you spend the whole night texting and taking photos, you shouldn’t ask someone out at all.

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4. If there’s a person in your company that greets some people they know, you should too, even if you don’t know them.

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5. Polite men respect all women equally.

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6. If you’re the only one that follows a trend, you may find it cool but others may find it ridiculous.

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Bonus tip: Don’t let those people change your outlook on that trend. Keep your opinion to yourself.

7. Be careful of pedestrians while driving.

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8. Don’t make empty conversations over the phone. If you’re with friends, answer only if it’s important.

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9. As previously said, don’t check your phone and scroll through Instagram and Facebook while out with people. You’ll just give the impression that you’re uninterested or bored.

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10. Ladies, don’t let guys carry your bags. And guys, take your coats to the cloakroom.

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11. As a sign of appreciation, you should thank people when they help you.

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12. Keep these 9 things to yourself, don’t say them out loud: age, religion, disgrace, honor, affairs, wealth, medical problems, gifts, and family problems.

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The only reason is… the people with you most likely do not care.

Congratulations, you’ve just mastered etiquette 101. Kidding, you can’t master it immediately. But, you should take this advice on board, as it will much improve your social skills, and pretty soon, more and more people will want to hang out with you.

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