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Tennis Player Eugenie Bouchard Loses Super Bowl Bet, Has To Take Fan On A Date


The recent Super Bowl game was taken by the New England Patriots, thanks to their incredible turnaround.

Twas an exciting game…

Aside from the Patriots winning the Bowl, and Tom Brady’s kiss of victory with wife Gisele Bundchen post-game, a lucky Twitter user also got a date with Eugenie Bouchard.

The 22-year-old Canadian pro-tennis player was watching the tense game, and as she tweeted her anticipation to her 1.02m followers, a follower John Goehrke (@punslayintwoods), a 20-year-old student from Missouri, tweeted

‘if patriots win we go on a date?’.


Much to a lot of people’s surprise, Bouchard quoted the tweet and wrote “Sure”

Being that Bouchard was rooting for Atlanta Falcons, she was confident that they would take home the victory, and she tweeted that as well.

Eugenie Bouchard Fan Date 1

Just to make sure both spots were filled in, another fan @JordanM9393 asked to go out on a date should the Falcons win.

I guess you could call this a win-win situation…

Eugenie Bouchard Fan Date 2

Sadly for Genie, things didn’t exactly go to plan.

Eugenie Bouchard Fan Date 3

After the suspenseful game and the Patriots taking home the victory, she tweeted another photo captioned ‘Omg…last night really happened’.

Eugenie Bouchard Fan Date 4

The best part is, the 2014 Wimbledon finalist actually kept her promise, and proceeded to ask the fan where they live so the two can go out on a date after the game had ended.

Eugenie Bouchard Fan Date 5

Well, this guy will certainly have a Valentine’s Day to brag about

Eugenie Bouchard Fan Date 6

I respect her integrity…like a true athlete!

Eugenie Bouchard Fan Date 7

She also learned a valuable lesson  – ‘Never bet against Tom Brady’.

Genie is also rumored to be dating hockey player Jordan Caron, so it will be interesting to see his reaction to the whole thing.


What if Mr. @punslayintwoods actually becomes Genie’s romance, and they actually get married one day.

That will certainly be a cool story.

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