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Incredibly Embarrassing Red Carpet Event Makeup Fails


Stars are made or broken on the big event red carpets. If one looks on top of their game, if they have hit the bullseye with their outfit and if they have impeccable makeup and hairstyle then journalists and fans alike will move mountains to get on their bandwagon.

But when the opposite happens, when someone’s bold experiment has backfired, when someone goes too gung-ho, or when god forbid the consensus is they haven’t tried enough, the unfortunate celebrity will be crucified by newspapers, tabloids and websites alike.

The fact of the matter is, famous people have always been scrutinized and this is nothing new. Perhaps less technology used to mean the ones who tracked them had to get creative in order to get a story, but the essence has remained the same. What is different is the enormous numbers of people today who are willing to base their entire existence as a media source solely on analyzing someone’s dirty laundry.

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And in this case, we mean that literally. The Dirty Laundry series does exactly that. It is the Friday daily special uploaded weekly by the influential Clevver Style vlog. In it, the best and worst in many categories are identified – from the Oscars to Kids’ Choice Awards.

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In this installment, you will find the 9 most memorable times a celebrity messed up with their makeup before a big event.

Check out the video from Clevver Style below and if you like dirty laundry become one of their 2.2 million subscribers.

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