Have You Ever Seen Those Loops On Shopping Carts? Their Purpose Will Blow Your Mind!

grocery shopping

Depending if we are going to buy just a few things or do a massive weekly grocery shop, shopping can be an absolute nightmare.

It’s not so bad, if we just need milk and bread, but if we have to fill the grocery cart, then it is a struggle. Especially if we are with our kids. Then we have to deal with them because we can’t let them grab every chocolate they see and pay attention to the shopping list. In these moments we are praying for some miracle to make our shopping go a little easier.

There is such a thing, and it’s always been in front of our eyes, but the problem is that we were not aware of it.

Have you ever asked yourself, what for are those little loops on the child seat of the grocery cart for? Probably no. And there is a big chance you didn’t even notice they were there. The loops serve a very handy purpose and could make your weekly shopping experience a lot easier.


This ingenious trick was brought to our attention by Twitter user LifeHacks, who posted a snap of the metal loops being used in all their glory.

Now it is so obvious that  loops are actually there for you to hang your carrier bags from.

It’s an excellent idea because from now on you can be sure that the eggs will not be scrambled before you leave the store. You can even get more bags in the cart, but at the same time, soft items such as bread, strawberries, and eggs are not going to be squashed beneath heavier things and cans! Awesome!

Source: auntyacid

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