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Everyday Autumn Smokey Eye Tutorial


Finally autumn has come and is the perfect time to start using our fall eyeshadow palette for those illustrious smokey eyes. Take your brushes and let’s start with those whites, browns and purples!

Step 1: Start by applying a makeup primer in order to mattify the base of your skin. Don’t forget to use only a small amount of it just to reach a flawless texture.
Step 2: Use a makeup brush dipped in purple eyeshadow, apply the shadow starting from the outer corner of your eyes towards the center of your crease line.
Step 3: Next, use a smudger brush in order to blend the purple shade. Use the brush only to create soft edges, not to wipe the shade away.
Step 4: On the upper lash line apply a plummy mauve eyeshadow with warm undertones.
Step 5: Next, upply a pale silver shadow on your upper lash line. Lower your eyelid in order to ease your job while applying it.
Step 6: On the brow bone area apply a shimmery highlighter shadow.
Step 7: Last but not least apply a line across the upper lash line with a liquid eyeliner starting from the outer corner of the eye towards the inner.
Step 8: As a final step apply your favorite black mascara on your lashes. Just a little tip: For the bottom lashes use a waterproof mascara since it prevents the color from smudging.

Follow the photo tutorial and video for more visual instructions below.



Source:POPSUGAR Beauty

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