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23 Everyday Items You Didn’t Know Had A Purpose


Have you ever looked at something seemingly useless and wondered “What’s that for?”

I bet you have, and as it turns out, there are a ton of items out there that have a secret use not many people know about. Here are a few that we think you’ll agree you encounter on a daily basis but don’t know what they’re for… until now.

1. The bobble on a beanie

These days, this furry ball doesn’t have a purpose and it’s purely cosmetic. In the past, however, these hats were worn by sailors and it was used to protect their heads.


2. The tab on the rear-view mirror in your car

Now, most people know what this is, but if you don’t, it allows the driver to adjust the angle at which the mirror is rotated.


3. The hook on the back of shirts

All this is is to hang your clothes on the hook.


4. This cylinder on cables

These little devices are designed to drown out the noise that cables unintentionally pick up, because they sometimes unintentionally act like antennas.


5. This hole next to your iPhone’s camera

This is the microphone used to capture sound when you’re recording something with the rear-facing camera.


6. The end of a toothpick

This is designed to be taken off easily to be used as a stand for the toothpick.

I don’t know why that’s necessary, but that’s what it is.


7. This hole at the end of a tape measure

You can thread a nail or tack through this thing to make sure that the tape is securely in place so you can get an accurate measurement of whatever it is you’re measuring.


8. The holes on tinfoil boxes

These are designed to keep the roll from falling out of the box.


9. The small hole on elevator doors

This is so the staff can open the elevator in the case of an emergency. They use a drop key that doesn’t rely on electricity should their be a power outage.


10. Apple sauce lid

This is designed to be formed into a spoon so you can eat the apple sauce. For those times when you want to eat a full jar.


11. The arrow next to the gas pump symbol in your car

This is designed to show you where the fuel door is so you know what side of the gas station to pull up in.


12. The hole on the bottom of a padlock

This is the place to go if you want to oil your padlock.


13. These holes on the sides of your Converse sneakers

As well as being ventilation holes, passionate Converse wearers use them to tighten their sneaks even tighter!


14. The hole in your pen lid

The reason why this is there is not the nicest to hear, but just bear with me.

The hole is there so that if someone accidentally swallows the pen lid, it doesn’t restrict their breathing before they get it removed.


15. The holes in soda tabs

You probably already know this one, but this is designed to hold a straw.


16. Your Chinese takeout box has a hidden use

It can be folded out into a plate.

Speaking of Chinese takeout boxes, have you seen Kendall and Kylie’s combined effort bag that offended quite a few people? Click here to see why.


17. The number 57 on the Heinz ketchup bottle

This, according to the manufacturer themselves, is the sweet spot to press on to squeeze out some ketchup when it refuses to budge.


18. The tab on backpacks

That rotated square shaped one on the back. It’s there if you want to hang your shoes by the strings on it.


19. The little bumps and lines on tires

These bumps indicate the minimum safe tread height, so when they are worn down, you know it’s time to change your tires!


20. The smaller pockets on jeans

While they’re not very commonly used today for their original purpose, in the past when jeans were created, these pockets were specifically designed to hold a pocket watch!


21. Starbucks lids can be used as coasters


22. Tic Tac lid

This is actually grooved to dispense a single Tic-Tac.


23. The hole in your saucepan handle

As well as being able to hang the saucepan with it, you can also rest your wooden spoon in it.


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