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Everyday Makeup Look Using L’Oreal Products


Testing makeup before you buy it is very important. What will work for some people might not work well for you, so you should always try samples first. But anyways we just love watching famous YouTubers trying out some of the newest makeup products. Today we’re getting a review for L’Oreal.

Alyshia Jones is a makeup artist that loves sharing tutorials about beauty with us. With some of the new products launching from L’Oreal she is going to create a simple, everyday look. It’s very suitable for people that don’t like to go heavy during the day. The whole thing is pretty easy so let’s get started:


Alyshia starts with a primer first and then applies foundation. Everything is from L’Oreal so she moves on to bronzer, blush and highlighter. In the end, her face looks very smooth and natural.

L'Oreal 1


The eye makeup is pretty nude too, so she uses two shades of brown and darker eyeshadows and mixes them together. You can see that it creates a soft smokey eye. She finishes everything off with a mascara.

L'Oreal 2


For a natural look always make sure to use nude colors so this time Alyshia goes with a peachy one.

L'Oreal 3

In the end, it seems like she loves all the products which makes our decision easier. What did you guys think about the look? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Watch the full video here.

Source:Alyshia Jones

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