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Everyday Makeup Routine With Emily Elizabeth

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A clean, fresh makeup routine is what all of us need to have on a daily basic, and I believe all of us do. But the worst part about this is that you basically end up looking the same everyday and you get tired of doing the same thing. You feel the need to change.

Now, it is not always necessary to change something – you can get quite inspired from a lot of YouTube makeup vloggers that share some of the most awesome ticks and techniques with us. Today Emily Elizabeth is going to teach us how she does her own everyday makeup routine on her beauty channel.

Let’s get started.


For her face, she starts with foundation and blends it very well. Then, she applies concealer and bronzer, brush and highlight. Her foundation is a little bit darker than her natural skin tone but that’s because her skin is very light.

makeup routine 1


Emily decides on the color champagne for her eyes and it turns out pretty great. To make the eyes pop out even more, she creates a smokey, smudgy brown on the end and also lines her waterline. She finishes everything up with mascara.

makeup routine 2


For the lips, she goes with a very light pink which matches her eye color and her makeup.

makeup routine 3

Will this be your next makeup routine?

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Share your opinion and thoughts with us. Enjoy!

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