Thania's Dewy Everyday Makeup Tutorial

Dewy Makeup Is The Best Idea For Today


The 22-year old Latina beauty blogger Thania shares another video and this time around, she takes us through a couple of steps of her everyday makeup routine. This roundabout, super-easy make up tutorial is just the thing you need to see today!

1. Moisturize

Non-moisturized, dry areas will seem a little patchy, so make sure you  apply generous amount of moisturizer!

makeup 1

2. Primer

The primer will even out and prepare the skin for the foundation. Rub it well on your skin and make sure to reach every pore of your face, so that your foundation looks smooth.

makeup 2

3. Foundation

Use foundation blender sponge for even coverage!

makeup 3

4. Bronze

Apply bronzer with a flat powder brush. Contour around the cheeks and the hairline, apply one more layer of bronzer with a contouring brush. Start from the brow down and go all the way down to the end of your nose to contour it. You wanna make sure that everything is blended well!

makeup 4

5. Highlighter

Thania uses a combination of two different brands of concealers for highlighting. Highlighter is used to lift and push features back. You want to apply it just under the brow bone, along the bridge of your nose and in a diagonal line from just beneath the center of your eye socket up towards your hairline to highlight the cheekbones! Blend well with sponge!

makeup 5

6. Set the concealer

To set the concealer, she uses highlighting brush to apply lose powder.

makeup 6

7. Brows

Tired of the sparse areas in your brows? Thania uses MAC’S fluidline eyeliner gel and an eyebrow brush to fill in the sparse areas in her eyebrows. If you like your brows to look as natural as possible, try applying as little product as possible. Carve the brow with a flat eyeliner brush using concealer underneath the lower brow line for a flawless finish!

makeup 7

8. Eyeshadow

Start with the crease of the eye and apply a tiny amount on the outer edge of the eyelid as well. Then use your finger to gently tap in the eye shadow on the rest of the eyelid; apply a slightly darker shade on the outer corners for definition. To finish it off put some dark eye shadow closest to the lash line as possible. Since this is a daily look, you don’t want to overdo it and look tacky, so use simple peachy tones on the eyelid.

makeup 8

9. Mascara and Eyelashes

Coat your eyelashes with mascara. Thania uses two sets of fake eyelashes on top of each other to accentuate her own or as she says “she double stacks them”. Wait for the glue to dry out. Use one more layer of eyes hadow on the edge of the lashes to cover up the glue and smooth things out.

makeup 9

10. Inner Rim

Line the lower inner rim for a wide-awake effect and to give your eyes more shape and definition. It will also make them look bigger!

makeup 10

11. Dust away excess powder

makeup 11

12. Blusher

To add some color to the face as well as get that healthy glow, apply blusher.

makeup 12

13. Fixate makeup

Use setting spray to fix your make up and make everything seem as natural as possible.

makeup 13

14. Lipstick

Use lipliner to enhance or define your lips as well as increase the wear of your lipstick. Proceed towards the finish a peachy, matte lip gloss.

makeup 14

Check the video below for more explanations:

Source:Thania’s Beauty

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