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Lauren Heinrich’s Everyday Natural Makeup Routine


People tend to wear a ton of makeup for special occasion, for example a prom or a wedding or just a regular party, it’s the norm. And tell me, when it comes to just their normal everyday life, how many girls do you know that don’t wear a single ounce of makeup even when doing nothing more then heading to the shop and back? Not a lot is the answer to that, I presume.

If you don’t feel comfortable about leaving your house without any makeup at all on you, then you need a look that will make you seem natural and healthy without you blinding the other people with your highlighter and ruining their day. If that’s your case, Lauren Heinrich has got you covered with her everyday makeup routine.

lauren 1

As you can see from the photo above, it’s a very uncluttered look. No crazy eyeshadow, no insane highlighter, no brightly colored lipstick. Just something to make you seem more natural, less pimpled and healthier in general. Although the video is a little bit longer, that’s a good thing because all the details are covered and you’ll always be able to correct yourself should you mess up.

lauren 2

She starts it off with the chapstick, and then sprays her face with toner water.

lauren 3

After that, it’s onto the mattifying primer, on the basis that she is trying to switch to natural products that are good for your skin.

lauren 4

She then applies the foundation, randomly picked from her collection, and blends it with a Morphe brush.

I can go like this till tomorrow morning, so I suggest checking out the video below for a detailed tutorial on how to achieve this look instead of reading me drone on for a few thousand more words with my terrible sense of humor.

Let us know in the comments if you prefer a natural makeup look or something rather more… exciting.

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