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Simple Natural Makeup For Everyday Occasions


We do love eyeliner, but don’t you sometimes get that craving for something light-weight, natural and simple? You know, just like this Youtuber says, when people tell you that you look beautiful, instead of that your makeup looks beautiful?


We all get that craving. And lucky for us, Youtube has Christen Dominique, which means we have Christen Dominique, and she has a way for us to look gorgeous and natural at the same time.

The trick is to keep it simple

So she uses brighteners, highlighters for the dewy look, and she simply forgot about the eyeliner – on purpose. Because eyeliner is that final touch that makes us look like we do have makeup, and without it, who knows? Some people might even not know that you’re wearing some.


There was this totally funny situation, described, I think, in a Tumblr post, and I’m paraphrasing: “My boyfriend told me that I should try wearing less makeup, or none at all… like Kim Kardashian. He literally thinks Kim Kardashian is not wearing makeup.”

While Kim’s makeup doesn’t even fall in the no makeup-makeup category, what we have here might be exactly what this guy had in mind – unknowingly.


So what does it take?

See for yourself:

Source:Christen Dominique

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