Everyone Looks Very Bored At Kylie’s Halloween Party



It is time to talk about the famous Kardashians. They spend most of their days looking cosmetically pretty and going to big events and famous parties. We don’t miss a thing since everything gets captured.

Ever since Kim got held at gunpoint she’s slipped out of the limelight, but the Kardashians are the cockroach kings of all reality TV, they don’t go away easyily.

Let’s talk about the youngest one, Kylie.

Night 😇

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Kylie seems to be at the centre of attention while hosting a Halloween party, and it looked exceedingly swanky. She let us all take a look  via her Snapchat, and let me tell you it didn’t look very fun.

#halloween 2016

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Does it remind you of the parties when you were twelve and you are very excited about it, but you are sober and there is no alcohol so you just sit there pretending to have fun.

At 19 you can’t legally drink in America, but hey that doesn’t apply when we are talking about Kylie.

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