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Everyone Is Obsessed With Kiera – The Flower Afro Girl


If you are not familiar yet with Kiera Please, then let us introduce her to you. The 21-year-old beauty has now reached 206,000 followers on Instagram and 22,000 subscribers on YouTube showing her amazing floral afros.

She is making everyone put flowers in their hair even though it’s still winter. It’s okay, you can put them under your hat too. Once you see her, she will literally take your breath away.

Kiera, instead of the mainstream flower crowns, likes to just put flowers in her hair..


Isn’t this just a beautiful way to accessorize her amazing afro?


I mean, she looks like a real-life princess.


It’s like she is going to Coachella everyday.


She looks like she smells like flowers all the time, doesn’t she!


Kiera is definitely a style inspiration for 2017. Of course, her way of doing makeup and her gorgeous shade of eyes only complement her personality and uniqueness.


So guys, what do you think about this new hair trend? Is it a trend at all, is it happening?

Would you rock it? Because we here feel like going to the flower shop immediately. Or ordering some artificial flowers on Amazon because, this rocks.

Send us your thoughts in the comments!


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