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The Evolution of the Bra Over The Last 2000 Years

100 Years of Bra

Some women adore them, some wish they were never invented. We have worn bras for centuries now and our ancestors had a completely different notion of them. What you get as a picture in your head when someone mentions a bra, back then was not even close to today’s version. Does your undergarment give you a pain in the neck? Let’s look at how we ended up with today’s model with the help of history.

100 Years of Bra 1

As you my have  guessed, bra evolution is closely connected to the social status of women. Moreover, it has also been determined with fashion evolution and the different views of the female body. Many centuries ago, women used these garments to cover or reveal their breasts. People designed them to modify their natural look. Can you imagine what these women had to put up with to become socially pleasing? The famous corset-bra that pushed their bodies upwards is to blame for the stiffness and uncomfortable position they were in for years.

100 Years of Bra 2

Luckily for us, corsets are in the distant past since the beginning of the 20th century. Ever since then, people’s minds have evolved and they do care about our comfort. It took them a couple of centuries, but, finally women can say they are wearing a comfy bra. Fashion bras developed quickly and some are even trying to restore old-fashioned styles. What would you say if they decidde to commercialize the corset in the near future? I get goose bumps at the thought of it. I would like to see the Roman empire band come back, though. It seems like the simplest and most comfortable one.

100 Years of Bra 3

In today’s video you can see Glamour taking us through the bra evolution. Watch how we have struggled our way to today’s bra look and guess what could be next.

Source:Glamour Magazine, diply

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