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The evolution of the high heels in 100 years


More than seventy percent of the women wear high heels at some point. Doctors are warning us heels can damage our toes, our spine, but yet, we can not resist wearing them. They are always one of the most important parts of our outfit. They came in various highs, designs, shapes, and they were changing over the years. They have their own evolution.

High heels had their ups and downs. After the WWII they were not so popular, in the 90s as well.  The Spanish film director Pedro Almodovar even named one of his films “High heels.” But we are not going to show you that film today. We will show you something  we know you are dying to see. Check how that is next in the high heels history.

Victorian heel boots were hit in 1910s

viber image

Chunky medium heel was the right choice in 1920


It was all about high heels in the 1930s. Even sports shoes had a small hill.


Chunky shoes with a blunt toe box and square heel between 2-3 inches were made in the 1940s.


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