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EvonWahab’s Girls Night Out Makeup Look

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You’ve probably heard the term “Girls night out” used in the past. It’s a common phrase. I would explain what it means, but I think you’ll agree that the name is fairly self-explanatory.

Of course, no matter how many times the girls that are part of that night out have seen you without makeup, you ought to look somewhat presentable.

The good thing is, because those girls from that night out tend to be close friends, you don’t have to pull out a new makeup look from the deep reaches of a Thai cave. You can keep it fairly simple.

Evon Wahab certainly has kept it simple with her girls night out makeup look!

Girls Night Out Makeup Look 1

Damn… Oh, sorry, I was distracted by how much this lady slays this look. She’s simply stunning.

One thing that I couldn’t help but notice in the video is how detailed it is. She starts out by applying the mask and then lets us know that the mask needs to sit for a bit, and states that she’ll “be chilling” while the mask is on. The best part? She actually left her “chilling” in the video.

She left a clip of playing with her parrot, grabbing a Caprisun out of the fridge, and even managed to squeeze in an ad for an iPhone game. Ah, how nice.

Girls Night Out Makeup Look 2

Anyways, the routine and steps are a standard affair, it’s just the products that differ.

The end results are nothing short of stunning, and I say you absolutely need to rock this look on your next girls night out.

If you think so too, I say give the video a watch to see how this look was achieved.


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