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Exercise Junkie Erin Spends 8 Hours A Day On Her Workouts


We all know that exercise is good for everyone. As well as mainly being a major contributing factor in shifting those extra pounds you may have on you, it also has plenty of other benefits like increasing the speed of your metabolism, improving your mood, building muscle mass and even giving you a longer life.

But when it comes to exercise, how far can you go? Is there such a thing as too much training? Well, Erin, as featured on the Syndication TV series The Doctors might be a good place to start.

Erin is a self-proclaimed addict. She is addicted to exercise. She exercises nearly 8 hours a day through spin class, running, the elliptical and also weight training.


When she appeared on the TV series, she was quoted as saying ‘I never get tired, [I] don’t get sore, I’ll cancel plans, I’ll cancel appointments. It’s been controlling my life, I just can’t stop.’ Since the age of 7, Erin has been a competitive gymnast.


At first, she was working out three hours a day, while also having a healthy daily food intake and getting plenty of rest. But after a suppressed negative memory of hers reemerged, her exercise increased dramatically, whereas her food intake has decreased just so.


Back when she was still a gymnast, her mother Barbara can only remember her missing one gymnastics class due to an extremely high fever. At a 103 degrees Fahrenheit, her mother says ‘that was the only time she didn’t want to go to gymnastics.’


Later in life, Erin began participating in triathlons and marathons. In her words, she said ‘I never missed a day.’


Once, she had a devastating injury with her back breaking, but even then, after just three days she was back to going up and down stairs, so it’s pretty safe to say that Erin needs, like, no rest at all.


She says that over the past four years, exercise has no longer provided her with the adrenaline rush that it used to.


Her daily routine every day includes waking up at 5 AM for a run, going to work, two hours on the spin bike, meal, snack, another meal and another snack.


She has also struggled with an eating disorder since the age of 15, including eating issues and body dysmorphia.


Doctors have said to her that her workouts are so intense that her muscles have started to deteriorate, and they also believe that she has an enlarged heart due to the abnormal amount of both red and white blood cells.


Erin recalls receiving a message from a woman that triggered a memory she has tried to keep hidden for the past 30 years.


Between the ages of 6 and 10, Erin stated that she was molested. The resurrection of this memory ultimately caused her to increase the intensity and time spent on her workouts.


She says that she is continuously stacking on more exercise in an attempt to forget about the ‘nightmare’ that was those four years of her life.


When her mother saw her daughter at the airport, she almost didn’t recognize her due to the thinness and frailty of her daughter’s face and body.


Since then, her mother has made quite a few attempts to push Erin into rehab for her to kick her eating disorder and exercise addiction.


Erin fears that her body will break down. When people ask her ‘why can’t you take a day off?’ she says, ‘I can’t, it’s just an addiction.’


Have you ever encountered someone with an extreme exercise addiction like this? Share the stories in the comments below.


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