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Exotic Lime Green Makeup Tutorial


2017 is all about inspiration, new ideas and fun. Different makeup artists are trying out and giving us some of the most mind-blowing exotic, dramatic looks.

YouTuber KathreenLights is a makeup artist who happens to be a dog lover and has an obsession with everything when it comes to beauty.

Today, we are sharing with you one of her most famous videos where she does a lime green makeup tutorial. In the end she uses 3 lip options which you can do with this look.

The best one goes with nude lipstick because we don’t need to take any attention from the eyes.

So exotic!

1. First, she starts up by priming her eyelids.


2. After blending everything out, she uses this shade of eyeshadow called “budgy” by blending it out on the corner of her eyelids.


3. The next shade she uses is called “sunflower” and she starts blending it out near the area of the “budgy” color.

4. Then, Katherine uses this yellow eyeshadow which is called neon. 4

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