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Youtuber Experiments With Curly Hairstyles And Sebastian Professional Brand


“Don’t say you can’t do it until you try” is Katrin Berndt’s video quote and a way of getting people to try out her various hairstyles. You can find almost anything at this 23-year-old Swedish girls’ YouTube channel. Katrin is a hairstyle enthusiast uploading videos about her life, “beauty inside and out”, as the description of the channel says.

Interestingly, you won’t find her goal to be to inspire people like many Youtubers would say. She explains that her goal is “for you to either relate or think twice about the things I talk about”. While it’s inevitably clear she is both beautiful on the inside as well as on the outside, her curly hairstyles video is all about how to style your curly hair in an unforgettable way.

The latest video on some different curly hairstyles is already my favorite! In it, Katrin actually made a collaboration with Sebastian Professional hair brand and is promoting products, including: hair spray from the twisted line, conditioner and shampoo, styling foam, as well as styling cream.


Making those curls is already a hard thing to do for many girls, and she is not saying its easy. It actually takes a lot of practice to make something perfect. Her experiments with curly hair include braids and ponytails, and they are definitely worth trying out.

Here are the three hairstyles in more detail with pictures:

1. Regular standard braid


After making those beautiful curls, make a simple braid in one section of your hair. Then, just twist it around itself, and make a bun! Looks glamorous!

2. Ponytail turned into a fishtail


The same procedure applies here, but instead of making a regular braid, make a fishtail one. Keep it loose and make sure it doesn’t twist itself.

3. Rope braid


For this hairstyle, you need to combine two rope braids and a regular one and twist them around your crown.

Watch the whole video here:

Here are some more hairstyles for the naturally curly hair.

Source: Katrin Berndt

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