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YouTube Explorer Broke Into An Abandoned $10 Million Mansion In Italy


There’s something fascinating about abandoned buildings. The element of mystery is alluring, but for those who are a bit scared, there is always something creepy about them, too. Knowing what they looked like before and comparing them, like in these pictures, makes it even more exciting. Whenever we see an abandoned place, we keep wondering what happened there, or who lived there. This guy below, however, is a real explorer, and was on a real adventure in Italy. While you may sleep with the lights on in your room at night, one person found a wonderful abandoned building.

This guy broke into an abandoned $10 million mansion in Italy

One fearless YouTuber with millions of subscribers named Exploring With Josh, spends his time exploring abandoned buildings and filming it. He was backpacking through Europe with his friends, when Josh discovered an abandoned mansion in Italy that he was desperate to explore. There was no English information about the property, but Josh managed to find out a bit about the history of the building before he goes in, saying:

“There’s not any English information on this mansion whatsoever, the mansion was built in 1877 by an Italian count, they left in 1930 to a new property”

This guy broke into an abandoned $10 million mansion in Italy

“During the second world war, it was occupied as a shelter and command post, 1945 sold to a doctor, 2004 sold to a businessman who promised to invest €10 million euros but just left it.”

In the video, you can see Josh and his friends entering the property and what they find is beyond astonishing. As Josh heads down into the basement, he finds hundreds of bottles of wine that are fermenting inside. He, therefore, concludes that the house must’ve formally been used for wine making. There was also a bar next to the wine room.

Source: Exploring With Josh

After exploring the series of tunnels in the basement, Josh and his friends go through the rest of the property.  Next, they marvel at the cathedral-like high ceilings with incredible artwork on them. Josh is absolutely amazed to see something like this. He describes the building as “something you would see in a movie”. He also feels annoyed at the mistreatment of the property by several other explorers who have damaged its interior.

It’s pretty incredible to witness something like this and to even take a glimpse at this building. Sadly, if no one is actually planning on rebuilding it, it will be left to decay.

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