The Extraordinary Lives Of Presidents Present And Past

The Extraordinary Lives Of Presidents Present And Past


When we think of a certain president an image of them in the present moment pops into our minds. We have a fixed perception on their policies, demeanor, the way they look or the way they act. However, we tend to forget that presidents are real people like us. Consequently, they have their own past lives. Dedication and hard work brought them where they are, but they’ve also had their own share of experience on what was their life’s path.

The feeling of becoming a president is probably a one-time experience and there’s nothing like it. Some presidents get to enjoy that feeling twice. Presidents are given power by the people for the people and I recon they have a strong command of the public and perception of their own selves in regards to the others. In spite of being the most exciting day job profession it surely must be the hardest task one can set their mind upon.

I collected a couple of photos of some of our past presidents as adolescents or just mere mortals before they ever dreamed of becoming the fathers of our country. We are yet to have a mother, but here’s hoping  one day soon.

1 Barack Obama, Age 18

Mr. Obama knows Spanish and his favorite painter is Pablo Picasso.

presidents 1

2. Theodore Roosevelt, Age 20

America’s twenty-sixth president in a Nobel Peace Prize winner. As a young boy he suffered from debilitating asthma attacks.

presidents 2

3. John F. Kennedy, Age 21 And 20

John F. Kennedy is one of the most charismatic and revered former presidents. In his graduation from school, he was voted most likely to succeed.

presidents 3

4. Gerald Ford, Age 18 And 20

His wife was one of the most popular first ladies in American history. Ford’s parents separated 16 days after his birth. His biological father use to hit his mother.

presidents 4

5. Bill Clinton, Age 22 And 26

Back in high school, Clinton played the saxophone in a band called “Three Blind Mice”!

presidents 5

6.  Abraham Lincoln, Late 30s (Earliest Confirmed Photo)

The 16th president of the US was a licensed bartender. When we younger he was admonished for avoiding manual labor, instead prefer to read and write.

presidents 6

7.  Ronald Reagan, Age 29

At one time in his life, Ronald  Regan was an announcer for the Chicago Cubs baseball team.

presidents 7

8. Franklin Roosevelt, Age 18

Mr.Roosevelt once received sound advice when he was still a boy. His fifth cousin, Theodore Roosevelt told him to never grow up to be a president!

presidents 8

9. Jimmy Carter, Age 18

This is the first president of the US to have been born in a hospital.

presidents 9

10.  Rutherford B. Hayes, Age 30

He is the president who banned alcohol in the White House.

presidents 10

11. Donald Trump, Age 20

Between the years of 1996 and 2015, Donald Trump partly owned Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA!

presidents 11

Source: Boredpanda

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