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Sixteen Awesome Parents Who Did Something Extraordinary For Their Kids


The bond between parents and their children is one of the extraordinary treasures in life. It is also one of the toughest jobs to be a successful parent. And at the crux of parenting, is this connection which is established through birth and genetics, but which needs to continuously be protected, strengthened and rediscovered. Here are sixteen extraordinary parents who have gone the extra mile to bring joy and delight to their young children through creativity and fantasy.

1. Illustrated patches

Stay at home dad, Geof Grubb, draws fun illustrations on his daughter’s corrective eye patches to make the patching process easier and less frustrating for her. She now proudly showcases her dad’s creative talent, while helping alleviate the negative stigma associated with wearing an eye patch!

Source: Instagram | @laylaspatches

2. Dad and daughter hair class

A group of dads take a course together in order to learn the basics of hair styling so that they can spend quality time with their daughters while making braids, buns, and ponytails!

Source: Reddit | MashedPotatoh

3. American Boy

When her son wanted an American Boy doll for his birthday, Gina DeMillo Wagner took it upon herself to create one since the company does not produce boy dolls. Gina ordered a girl doll instead, cut her hair, removed the lipstick and changed her clothes, creating an American Boy looking exactly like her son, Miles.

Source: Gina DeMillo Wagner

4. Cochlear implant tattoo

New Zealander Alistair Campbell got a tattoo on the left side of his head to pay tribute to his daughter, who has two cochlear implants to assist her with hearing.

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Source: Facebook | anitaalistair.campbell

5. Department Of Ability

Illustrator and father Dan White created a comic book series titled Department Of Ability as a counteract to the way disabled people, especially children are portrayed in the media. It consists of five superheroes whose disabilities are actually their superpowers, with the main character being his daughter, Emily, who suffers from spina bifida.

Source: Department Of Ability

6. SpiderDad

When Mike Wilson’s four-year-old son, Jayden, was diagnosed with a Grade 4 Brain Stem Tumor and was given only one year to live, his dad wanted to make what would probably be Jayden’s last birthday one to remember. In a specially-made Spider-Man suit, Mike surprised Jayden on his birthday by jumping down from the garage. They played together for 30 minutes, and then Dad returned home to an ecstatic five-year-old and his amazing story about how Spider-Man came to his birthday party.

Source: Youtube | Mike Wilson 3RUN

7. The wedding dress

A couple reenacted their wedding when their son found his mother’s wedding gown and was upset that he wasn’t able to attend the ceremony. This shot was taken after the couple exchanged vows.

Source: Reddit | whiskeybeard

8. Cruella de Vil

When Will Hutt found out his son, Liam, wanted to dress up as Cruella de Vil for Halloween, the father didn’t hesitate at all and helped him create a great costume. Will says that despite some finding the idea inappropriate, he wanted nothing but happiness and total creative control for his son during what’s supposed to be a fun holiday for all children.

Source: Facebook | willie1001

9. The letter

Here’s the heartfelt, life-changing letter a Michigan dad wrote to his son, Nate, explaining that for a while they knew he was gay but that they still love him equally.

Source: Facebook | FCKH8

10. Partners in crime

What better bonding could there be than some superhero shopping with your child? This dad has received universal praise for this stellar parenting moment.

Source: Reddit | resgestae

11. DIY kitchen set

When a husband and wife were met with some rude comments and hateful assumptions when they decided to turn a thrift store TV unit into a kitchen playset for their two-year-old son, they didn’t care much. They said they weren’t going to let ignorance stand in the way of their son’s happiness and are refusing to force him to conform to “gender norms” and silly stereotypes.

Source: Imgur | sixstringhook

12. Bath time

Reddit user ChristianGeek shared this photo of his daughter’s stuffed animal in the sink along with the caption: “Single dad, daughter asked me to give her stuffed bunny a bath. She’s at her mom’s so I sent her this.”

Source: Reddit | ChristianGeek

13. Queen Elsa

Paul Henson shared the story how he let his son, Caiden, dress up as Elsa from Disney’s Frozen for Halloween. After being bullied by his classmates for the costume idea, Caiden changed his mind about the mask, but his parents encouraged him to ignore the bullies, and to make him more comfortable, his dad even dressed up as Princess Anna!

Source: Facebook | Paul Henson

14. Oh, the places you’ll go!

A dad had every teacher, coach, and principal his daughter ever had write a message to her in a copy of Oh, The Places You’ll Go! He kept it a secret the entire time and gave it to her on the day of her high school graduation.

Source: Reddit | supergabz1d

15. The Little Mermaid doll

Mikki Willis of Ojai, California filmed a Youtube video to let the world know that his sons are allowed to make their own decisions in life, even if the decision is to buy a Little Mermaid doll from the toy store. More than 14 million people saw the video in just four days.

Source: YouTube | Mikki Willis

16. Monster spray

A parent-doctor collaboration to create an awesome, fun solution to a common childhood problem!

Source: Reddit | [deleted]
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