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24 Extremely Flawed Designs That Somehow Managed To Go Through


Ever look at something and think what the designer was thinking? Or more importantly, how did that designer’s superiors let that go through. Well, that has happened to me before, and it’s about to happen to you too as you scroll through this gallery of… flawed designs that some how were put through, brought to us by Super Rank.

1. The house of WTF


2. The irony of this one is stunning

Failure in action.

3. Pretty soon you’ll be bathing in your own drink!

That flamingo is gonna fla-sink-o.

4. Simple enough, right?

Ehh, fair enough.

5. Who put this here?

 Lots of fun — just don’t lose your head!

6. Look, the bridge is nice and everything, but…

What’s the purpose of a bridge if it doesn’t go over water?

A bridge is a bridge.

7. Someone didn’t finish their job

Restaurant logo not found.

8. So does it have gluten or not?

The paradoxical cookie.

9. Now everyone can see that you didn’t flush the toilet!

With slats, things are 50/50.

10. Mind yourself on the stairs!

 Surprise stairs.

11. Was it the neck or was it the limbs?

I wasn’t sure and had no time to check.

Giraffes have long limbs, right?

12. Function over form

It ain’t pretty, but I suppose it’s functional.

13. Don’t give people advice if you don’t do it

Practice what you preach, sign.

14. Airborne but still disabled

Tony Hawk’s Pro Wheelchair Ramp

15. That sounds wrong…


16. Now if only there was a button

Let’s hope no one will need assistance.

Fingers crossed no one needs assistance…

17. But… Europe has one R…

I never knew “Europe” had two “r’s”

18. This lady looks like she had a nasty accident

Interesting flower placement…

19. Who did this?

I guess the next time I come home drunk, I’m sleeping outside.

20. So are they good at hitting or do they have toilet troubles?

This team must regret letting Larry design their shirts

21. Reported for sexual content!

It’s amazing what light and shadow can reveal…

22. I’m dope but I’m also a pedo

Which side do you want?

There are some things your probably don’t want to advertise on your shirt

23. Thanks for the discouragement

Like this shirt, my worry always gets in the way of my being happy. Not sure if that makes this a fail or a win.

24. A wide faced kitty

Poor thing.

Cute! Oh wait.

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