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Eye Tricks That Will Get You Hallucinating

Eye Tricks

Let’s get you a little freaked out before lunch. This Youtuber made a compilation of several eye tricks, illusions if you will. Watching them will get your perception a little messed up, but it’s actually kind of fun.

For best effect, focus on one of these moving illusions and have a famous painting ready in a different tab. Once it’s over, look at the painting and you’ll see it come to life! For a little while, at least.

How does this work?

An explanation from aplus.com says this:

The lens of the eyeball focuses light back onto the retina, where photoreceptive rods and cones are affected by the wavelength of the light. Information about the light entering the eye travels through the optic nerve, where it is then interpreted by the brain. The brain is responsible for taking raw data about light wavelengths and untangling the patterns, using memory in order to make sense of the images that the brain ultimately “sees.”

While you definitely can’t see without your eyes, nothing would make sense without input from the brain.


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