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5 Eyebrow Hacks That Every Girl Should Know


All girls have a love/hate relationships with their eyebrows. Doesn’t matter if they’re bushy and always growing, or on the verge of being invisible, every woman knows of the #browstruggle very well. If you do, then these eyebrow hacks will definitely help your eyebrows look less like caterpillars.

1. Use the right products!

Don’t use products that will make you look like you drew your brows on with a sharpie. Use quality products and apply them lightly.


2. A spoolie is your brows’ BFF

Spoolies are excellent for straightening the brow hairs and tidying them up in a jiffy. Use a little hairspray on it, brush your brows lightly, and you’re set.


3. Use a spoon to help you get the perfect shape

A spoon contour is perfect for helping you achieve the shape you want. Place the spoon under your brow and follow its curve. Instant perfectly shaped brows!


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