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You Won’t Believe These Eyebrow Disasters


It’s settled y’all, big and bushy brows are here to stay. There isn’t anything more beautiful than having your brows shaped in the right form and in place, but sometimes people have a thing for crossing the line with these trends and go a little too far.

First we need to remind ourselves how to get the perfect eyebrows.

Now that you’ve learned to make them beautiful, let’s see these friendly reminders of how it shouldn’t be done.

Brace yourselves.

1. The floral look


If you have ever been inspired to draw flowers in your eyebrows, keep that thought to yourself. It doesn’t look pretty.

2. Rainbow brows


Now these ones look extremely weird. Everyone loves rainbows but not when you draw them into your face.

3. Disney villain brows


Her eyebrows definitely remind me of Jafar from Aladdin. Who knows, maybe that’s what she was going for.

4. The criminally bad brows


Yeah, you’re sick of the world around you, but this is not a way to express it.

5. The patchy brows


Is it natural? Is it intentional? Don’t leave it like this, nevertheless.

6. The thin black lines


Oh, look! Shelves for your sweat drops.

7. The perfect right angles


Whoever told her this is a good idea, didn’t like her that much.

8. The far apart eyebrows


Her eyebrows are literally trying to run from one another. A world apart, actually.

9. This.

9. The full arches

Don’t even get me started on these.

10. The tiny ones


If you look really really close, maybe you can see them.

And you? Do you have an eyebrow disaster to tell us about?


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