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13 Eyeliner Mistakes That You All Should Avoid


When it comes to makeup, one of the most important parts is the eyes. They are usually the ones that get the most attention due to all the crazy kinds of eyeshadows, eyelashes and eyeliners that exist. The eyeliner is arguably the most important when it comes to the initial level of making your eyes stand out. If you wear eyeliner, you may find that there are some mistakes you may be making, so here are some things you should watch out for next time.

1. Forgetting to use a primer

A primer is essential as it makes sure your eyeliner won’t run down your face should it start raining, which is why it should be applied before applying your eyeliner.

13 Eyeliner Mistakes That You All Should Avoid 1

Source: NYX Cosmetics

2. Lining your entire eye in black

This is only useful if you want to look like a panda or a raccoon, and it can also deliver the wrong message to people looking at you (that being that you don’t know how to apply makeup).

13 Eyeliner Mistakes That You All Should Avoid 2

Source: Beauty Editor

3. Trying to freehand winged liner

You can’t do winged liner without a stencil (clear tape). It’s just not possible. Not even the professionals can do it free-handed. If you can though, teach us, master.


Source: Elizabeth Griffin | Elle

4. Curling your eyelashes after you apply eyeliner

The curler will wipe away all the eyeliner and it won’t look that good.


Source: zhu difeng | Shutterstock

5. Leaving a gap between your eyeliner and lash line

A noticeable gap between the liner and the lash kills the purpose of eyeliner, so it’s best to tightline your liner and make it look smooth every time.


Source: Beautylish

6. Using a few colors of liner

You can use brown or white to line your bottom eyelid and make it seem less harsh along with making your eyes appear larger and look more natural.


Source: Kathleen Kamphausen | Cosmopolitan

7. Blending

Not blending the eyeliner looks very unnatural and jarring, so it’s a good idea to use a makeup sponge to gently blend your liner.


Source: Maskcara

8. Don’t use dried out liner

Here’s something you may be surprised to hear: eyeliner doesn’t last forever. This is why you should either renew it every time it dries out, or find different ways to give your current liner some more life.


Source: YouTube | Petra Horvath

9. Liquid liner on the bottom lids

While it certainly makes for a dramatic look on the eyes, it’s too heavy and tricky to apply for your lower eyelash line.


Source: Divine Caroline

10. Here’s how to save your old eyeliner pencils!

Instant homemade gel liner using the power of… a lighter.


Source: Kathleen Kamphausen | Cosmopolitan

11. Your eyeliner is transferring onto your lids

Apply it in a curved pattern to add height to it, that way it won’t smudge in the crease of your skin.


Source: Elizabeth Griffin | Lauren Ahn | Cosmopolitan

12. Not reaching your waterlines

Lining your eyes’ inner and outer corners is a bit difficult, which is why a small blending brush can come in handy.


Source: Quinnface

13. Pulling your eyelid

Don’t pull your eyelid for a flatter surface to apply your liner, as the skin on this surface can tear if you pull too hard, and will eventually lead to saggy skin in the later years of your life.


Source: Fernando Milani | Oprah

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