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Things You Need To Know About Eyeshadow

Woman applying eyeshadow

You can practically think about your past as BES and AES. Before and after eyeshadow. Because, remember, in high school, we didn’t believe in it, so we got away with a little mascara. And then came Youtube, and then all the makeup artists and tutorials, and we realized that blending exists. And once we learned the magic of blending, we were converted.

Now, let’s spread the eyeshadow movement

Forgive us for this dramatic introduction, but these do’s and don’ts are actually very important if you love makeup and moreover, you want it to be perfect.  If there’s anything you get frustrated about, you’ll probably find the solution here.

So let’s see, then. And let’s improve our makeup game. 

Which one of the don’ts is your personal your crime? You can also share your art of eyeshadow with us in the comments and tell us some of the rules you swear by!


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