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15 Facts About The Fault In Our Stars You May Not Have Known


The Fault in Our Stars, one of the most well-known romantic movies ever, largely for its ability to make you shed quite a few tears. The Josh Boone-directed romantic drama was released in 2014, it instantly became popular and has received an MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss. It has also banked well over 300 million USD in the box office. If you’re also a fan of this movie series and it made you cry (a lot), then read on to check out a few facts you may not have known, as compiled by Diply.

Oh, this goes without saying: Spoilers ahead.

1. The name

The name of the movie comes from a quote in Julius Ceasar, which is as follows: “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves.”

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2. What Shailene Woodley did for the role

The 25-year-old sent many letters to John Green and the director as she was very adamant to get the role, to the point of cutting her hair and donating it to get the part.

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Source:Style Caster

3. John Green was apparently very emotional during filming.

He also spent a lot of the time on set, giving the actors tips relating to their characters.



4. The eulogy scene took the longest to film

Apparently, the cast was up through the night filming it.



5. Peter Van Houten’s house scene came a close second for longest to film



6. Shailene Woodley and the Bulldog shirt

This shirt was used several times during filming, and Shailene took it even after the filming. Gus was wearing the shirt when he first met Hazel, and Hazel wore it after he died.


Source:The Take

7. Nat Wolff

Nat Wolff played Isaac in the movie, and he wore blinding contacts to appear as he was actually blind.


Source: The Fault In Our Stars Wiki

8. Everybody was in tears during the filming of the scene when Hazel got the call that Gus had died



9. John Green makes a cameo in the movie

He is seen waiting at the airport with his daughter.


Source:Entertainment Weekly

10. The Oranjee scene in the film takes place in Amsterdam, but was actually shot in America because of unreliable weather.


Source:Huffington Post

11. The first scene that was filmed was the limo scene


Source:Tinted Thoughts

12. The film was denied access to the actual Anne Frank house, so they had to build a replica to film in.



13. Gus delivers the bad news

This scene was the most difficult to film, as it was an emotional scene where he was supposed to deliver the news that his cancer had returned, but the public kept getting in the way.


Source: People

14. People were screaming and yelling at the actors, and even taking pictures of them.

There was also a lot of background noise from boats and cars.


Source:Hashtag Avenue

15. Shailene Woodley’s preferred role

In Divergent, Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort play brother and sister, while in The Fault in Our Stars, they’re a couple, and Ansel said he enjoys playing the boyfriend a lot more.



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