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16 Facts You May Not Know About Katey Sagal


Katey Sagal is not one of those actresses who get all the attention in the media, which is unfortunate because she has been in quite a few popular movies and TV shows in the past. Stuff like Married…with Children as Peggy Bundy, and also 8 Simple Rules and taking the voice of Turanga Leela in the cartoon series Futurama.

Since the 63-year-old is currently not a very prominent actress in Hollywood, there are actually quite a few things that you may not have known about her. And here are 16 of them, as compiled by Diply.

1. Born in a Hollywood family

All of her younger siblings were also actors, her father Boris Sagal was a director, and her mother Sara Zwilling was a singer.

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2. Father’s death

Her father Boris was killed on an on-set helicopter accident while on the set of World War III. He was 57 when he died.

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Source: Tumblr | kateyxsagal

3. Married with Children

This was Katey’s first prominent role, portraying Peggy Bundy. She apparently auditioned with the red wig that was eventually used in the show.


Source: Movie Web

4. Falling pregnant

While working on that same TV show, she fell pregnant and it was written into the storyline. She sadly lost the child after seven months and the show wrote it off as it being a nightmare.


Source: Vancouver Sun

5. Her children

Katey instead went on to have two healthy children, except these pregnancies were purposely not written into the show’s storyline.


Source: The 8 Simple Rules Fan Site

6. Married with Children was sexist

This is how Katey felt, years after the show had ended. “The women were portrayed completely exploited on that show. That was part of Al Bundy’s thing — he liked hot women, and they showed them all the time,” she said.


Source: Hawt Celebs

7. Futurama

When this cartoon series appeared in 1999, Katey provided the voice for the one-eyed alien, Turanga Leela, simply known as Leela, alongside John DiMaggio as Bender and Billy West voicing several characters, most famously protagonist Fry.


Source: Quickmeme

8. Simple Rules

Yes, I know that the show’s name is 8 Simple Rules, but because it just so happened to be number 8 on this list, I omitted it. See how clever I am?

Anyways, Katey is widely known as Cate Hennessy in this series, and she was very close with co-star John Ritter who sadly passed away during the second season.



9. After Ritter’s death

She explained, “There was just no really obvious right thing to do,” but ultimately, everyone felt that it was best to move on with the show.


Source: Pinterest | Rachel Phillips

10. Returned to funny too quickly

She felt that the show returned to being a funny show probably too quickly, but they did the best they could do.


Source: Simple Movie

11. Kaley Cuoco’s mother

As well as playing Kaley Cuoco’s character’s mother in 8 Simple Rules, she does the same thing in The Big Bang Theory.


Source: Carter Matt

12. Sons of Anarchy

She went on to star in this show as Gemma, and she got married to creater Kurt Stutter, and the two welcomed Esme Louise Sutter in January of 2007 through surrogacy.


Source: Zimbio

13. Her memoir

In her memoir, she talks about how she battled with drug addiciton in her twenties. She combined perscribed diet pills with marijuana, cocaine and acid.


Source: Daily Mail

14. Clean and sober people

She surrounded herself with clean and sober people, and even though she’s been clean for years, she still occassionally has small amounts. As you do.


Source: Buddy TV

15. Gene Simmons

She also revealed in her memoir that she had an affair with Gene Simmons when she was younger. “At first, I thought Gene was really weird. I took him home with me that night because he was quite persuasive, and I like men,” she wrote.


Source: KISS Asylum

16. Gene’s daughter bashed Katey

“If Katey wants to write a book about her life, cool — but to write about someone and then have it affect their family I feel like is a really kind of low place to go to try and sell a book,” she said.


Source: Yahoo! Good Morning America

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