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Twelve Facts You Didn’t Know About Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi


There are cute and charming Hollywood couples, and then there are Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi. Beautiful people, exceptional sense of humor, and adorable when talking about their feelings to one another. A perfect example of true love. And here’s what you might not have known about them.

1. They’ve been married for 8 years

Ellen 1

They got married in September, 2008.

2. Age difference

Ellen 2

Ellen is fifteen years older than Portia.

3. They got married at home

Ellen 3

When California allowed same-sex marriage in 2008, they got married in the comfort of their home in Beverly Hills.

4. No lies

Ellen 4

They have an agreement that they would never lie to each other. Not even white lies!

5. It was love at first sight

Ellen 5

Portia immediately fell for Ellen when she saw her in 2004.

6. They met at a social gathering

Ellen 6

Portia has explained in the past that they were introduced to one another at a social gathering. Though she wasn’t openly gay at the time, Portia admitted that Ellen made her feel weak at the knees.

7. First kiss

Ellen 7

In the back of a limo.

8. Commitment ceremony

Ellen 8

Ellen 9

The plan was to surprise Portia with a commitment ceremony, but the homosexual marriage ban was lifted so they chose the altar instead.

9. They think the break up rumors are ridiculous

Ellen 9

Ellen says they don’t even argue.

10. No holiday gifts

Ellen 10

They actually give each other presents all the time and don’t need a special ocassion for it.

11. There’s no secret to their relationship

Ellen 11

Ellen once said, ‘We don’t really need to make it work. We just found the right person. It’s corny, but she’s my soul mate.’

12. Portia was married before

Ellen 12

She was actually married to filmmaker Mel Metcalfe. It was a slight plan to get a green card. But, after three years together she couldn’t follow through with the plan and decided to split up from her husband.


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