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15 Facts You May Not Have Known About The Lovely Renée Zellweger

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 Ah, Renée Zellweger. One of the most critically acclaimed actresses in all of Hollywood. Since the start of her career, she has been the star of many movies we know and love. But there’s more to the 47-year-old Academy Award winning actress than just her successful acting. There are quite a few things you may not have known about her. If you’re a big fan just like us, then keep reading.

Here are 15 facts about Renée Zellweger that you may not have known.

1. She was born on April 25, 1969

аs Renée Kathleen Zellweger to mechanical and electrical engineer Emil Erich Zellweger, and Kjellfrid Irene, a Norwegian nurse and midwife.

15 Facts You May Not Have Known About The Lovely Renée Zellweger 1

2. The role of Dorothy Boyd in Jerry Maguire

This role was initially offered to Janeane Garofalo, under the condition that she lost weight. By the time she did, Zellweger was already cast.

15 Facts You May Not Have Known About The Lovely Renée Zellweger 2

3. Renée’s very first role

It was in the very low rated 1994 release “Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation”, where she played a teenage girl named Jenny. Interesting considering she’s an Academy Award winner…


4. Bridget Jones’ Diary

Zellweger had to gain 20 lbs for the role as the titular character in Bridget Jones’ Diary.

“I didn’t feel uncomfortable, and I didn’t feel as if it changed my life. I got such positive responses from the fellows in my life when I looked like Bridget Jones.”


5. Моulin Rouge

Renée was almost cast as Satine in this 2001 release, but ultimately the role was given to Nicole Kidman who went on to receive an Oscar nomination.


6. Chicago

Renée had absolutely no formal vocal or dance training before being cast in this 2002 release. It took 10 months of training and watching her co-star Catherine Zeta-Jones, but if you’ve seen the movie, you know this paid off.


7. Zellweger is close friends with actress Reese Witherspoon


8. She loved being a temporary brunette

“It’s great to be a brunette,” she explained. “I can sneak around downtown Los Angeles and nobody knows it’s me. I went to Starbucks to get my coffee in the morning, and they said, ‘What’s your name?’ I said, ‘Oh, Renee.’ Nobody even looked at me twice. My friends even walk past me. It’s fantastic because I feel so free again.”


9. Renée’s first on-screen kiss was with Ethan Hawke in 1994’s Reality Bites.


10. Renée took a break for six years

“I was fatigued and wasn’t taking the time I needed to recover between projects, and it caught up with me,” she explained. “I found anonymity, so I could have exchanges with people on a human level and be seen and heard, not be defined by this image that precedes me when I walk into a room. You cannot be a good storyteller if you don’t have life experiences, and you can’t relate to people.”

11. Relationship with Jim Carrey

The two got engaged after co-starring in 2000’s Me, Myself and Irene, but it never progressed and they eventually parted ways.


12. Married to Kenny Chesney.

They got engaged in May of 2005, but the same year in September, the marriage was annulled.


13. Another unsuccessful relationship

This time with Bradley Cooper. They met on the set of Case 39 and bought a house in Pacific Palisades in California, but ultimately called it quits in 2011.


14. Renée has been dating musician Doyle Bramhall II since 2012.


15. The Golden Globe accident

In 2000, when she was announced as the winner of the Golden Globe award for her role as the titular character in Nurse Betty, she was in the bathroom due to having lipstick on her teeth.


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